Principal Investigator


Mr. A. R. Shivakumar



Rs. 16,90,500/-



18 months (starting July 2011)

Project Area


Utthan, Allahabad, UP.



Utthan will be the first institution in Uttar Pradesh to establish demonstration modules comprising of more than twenty five techniques / components of Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) and Ground water recharge at one center. The facility demonstrates cost effective and sustainable techno interventions relevant for both urban and rural areas. The display boards with pictorial representation form the guide for all the section of the society to understand simple interventions which can be adopted for effective Rainwater Harvesting and Ground water recharge. The collaboration between the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, Utthan and the technology provider Karnataka State Council for Science and technology (KSCST) along with Experts and Resource persons forms a perfect combination to impart training and creating awareness on RWH.


• Design, Development and Establishment of Rainwater Harvesting and Ground water recharge Resource Center at Utthan, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.
• Imparting training to trainers and resource personal for regional capacity building and skill development
• Developing a handbook and course material for the training programme and model schemes on RWH for Uttar Pradesh.
• Documentation and Reporting


Water availability and the present practices for domestic water source and collection will be studied in the context of Uttar Pradesh. A state of the art Resource center will be established at the campus of Utthan, in Allahabad for demonstration and training of local people. Support system and resource material will be developed with the interaction from the local experts for effective dissemination. The resource center will be handed over to the Utthan for continued and sustainable up keep of the established center.

Training Programme

To develop local skills and to provide technical knowledge for the resource center at Utthan, two training programmes will be conducted during the project period.

Technical Sessions

Resource Persons and Experts in the field of Rainwater Harvesting, Ground water recharge and Water management will prepare course material to present in the training programme

a) RWH from buildings

b) RWH from open spaces

c) RWH for farm sector

d) Ground water recharge in urban areas

e) Ground water recharge for farm sector

f) Preparation of site specific plans

g) Preparation of estimates

h) Interventions required for field execution

i) Monitoring and evaluation of systems

Resource material

a) RWH Guide

b) Leaflets and Posters

c) Dos and Don’ts of RWH

d) FAQs on RWH

e) General guidelines for RWH

f) Typical Drawings and Estimates

Roles and Responsibilities of KSCST and Utthan for Establishing RWH Resource Centre

Department of Science and Technology vide their sanction letter No.DST/TM/WTI/2K10/224/A dt.30/06/2011 had sanctioned a project to establish a Resource centre in a time period of 18 months at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

Two major components of the project:

1.         Establishment of resource centre

Following components will be designed, planned and physically executed by KSCST as per the financial and administrative guidelines of KSCST management:




Inclined  and Flat Roof


Temporary collection facility




Open Gutter


Pipes conduits ( vertical )




PopUp filter


Sand bed filter - masonry tank


Plastic barrel ( 100lts - cylindrical ) sand bed filter


First flush lock and Sand bed filter


Cloth or mesh filter


Silt trap


Leaf Slide


Storage Structures


HDPE tank - 500 liter with support structure


Surface tank - Masonry 5000 liter


Ferro cement tank - 500 liter ( with necessary plumbing and fittings)


Underground sump - 5000 liter


Metal drum (GI) - 500/ (250 * 2nos) liter with support and plumbing and fittings accessories


Earthen pot / Bucket - 25 liters


Pond - 50,000 lts (refer relevant drawings for more details)


Ground water recharge




Soak Pit


Check bunds


Trench with filter media


Infiltration Gallery - 500 Cft


Barrel system of infiltration gallery


Ground water recharge through open well 3 ft dia 20 ft deep (earthwork excavation and laying of pipe from the proposed sump to the cement ring open well - approx. 180 feet)


Ground water recharge through borewell


Bore well recharge from open well 3ft dia 20 ft deep( excavating the earth and laying a 50mm pipe about 6 feet below ground level - approx. 90 feet)


Plumbing works (Total length of pipes of varying sizes, interconnecting all the demo units including the plumbing fittings, fixing and laying of pipes & fittings)


Display Boards development and printing - English and Hindi

2.         Training and capacity building

Two training programmes will be planned and organized by KSCST representatives / resource persons for identified personnel at Allahabad for capacity building and management of training centre for it’s future activity.

Responsibility of KSCST:

  • Plan and prepare an executable plan for establishing all the concepts of RWH resource centre as in the Detailed Project Report.
  • Identify suitable locations, infrastructure, resource at Utthan, Allahabad in consultation with Utthan management.
  • Prepare documents for inviting offers from various contractors for executing the work.
  • Provide guidelines to the identified contractor for successful implementation of the project components.
  • Supervise the progress of execution and certify correctness of execution.
  • Identify enthusiastic personnel at various levels for training and managing the established centre
  • Prepare literature in English and submit to Utthan for translation to local language and help Utthan in preparation of dissemination material.
  • Conduct one training programme for public, officers, contractors, NGOs etc., for smooth operation of resource centre for the benefit of the society.
  • Conduct one training programme for technical staff of Utthan and hand over the assets created to Utthan in the presence of DST-GOI and also provide support for smooth functioning of the RWH resource centre within the project period.

Responsibilities of Utthan:

  • Provide suitable land, building and other resources for establishing RWH resource centre at Utthan, Allahabad which is convenient for public to visit and take advantage of the facility.
  • Identify two officers to liaison with KSCST and DST officials.
  • Identify two technical officers with engineering background to take care of the RWH resource centre during establishment and beyond project period for smooth functioning of the centre.
  • Provide local level data on rainfall, weather condition, soil structure, ground water characteristics etc., for establishing the RWH resource centre.
  • Extend support to KSCST officers and the identified contractor to build and integrate RWH infrastructure and interventions at RWH resource centre.
  • Provide local hospitality at Allahabad for stay during project period to the KSCST and DST scientists and officers.
  • Take charge of the assets established in the project and upkeep them for the demonstration and training purposes which will be the DST designated RWH resource centre in Uttar Pradesh state.

Achievements of Project Objectives:

Project Initiation:

On the advice of DST GOI, PI visited Utthan, Allahabad on 26th Aug 2010. The DPR for RWH resource center at Utthan was submitted to DST on 8th October 2010

DST GOI through their sanction order No. DST/TM/WTI/2k10/224/A dated 30.06.2011 the project was sanctioned to KSCST.

Project coordination meeting was organised in the first week of November 2011 at Allahabad. Field survey was conducted during November to locate resource center activities. PI of the project visited Utthan in the first week of November 2011 and during the visit the site requirement for establishing rainwater harvesting resource centre at Utthan in Allahabad were finalised.

The project team worked on the site specific details and prepared the detailed specifications with drawings for 36 interventions to be established in the RWH Resource Center.

Tender for execution of the work was floated through KSCST on 10th November 2011 and 4 offers received.

Tender Process for project Execution:

The specifications and the details of interventions were published through newspaper as well as our website for calling tender. Tenders were opened on November 25th at 3 00 PM at KSCST, Bangalore.

The tender process was successfully completed and the work of establishing the components of rainwater harvesting resource centre at Utthan was awarded to:  M/s. Great Bear Promotions, A8, East Wing, Grace Garden Apartment, Hennur Road, Bangalore.

The offer received by M/s Great Bear Promotions was cleared by the technical committee and the finance committee recommended for award of contract to the lowest sealed bidder as per the procedures of Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology.

Work order dated March 30, 2012 Ref. No.4.1/PO/ACCTS/2011-12/1442 was placed to the eligible contracting firm M/s Great Bear Promotions. M/s Great Bear Promotions was given the time schedule of 90 days to establish the centre.

Ms Great Bear Promotions of Bangalore initiated the work of RWH resource center and submitted work completion letter. During July 2012, Principal Investigator of the project and one project engineer from KSCST visited Allahabad to assess the progress.

Establishment of the Center and Handing over for up keeping:

A joint inspection was conducted to check the specifications of all the components of the tendered work for establishing the RWH Resource Center on 14th August 2012. All the 36 components of the center were certified for correctness of installation as per the specifications and the joint inspection report was signed by the representatives of:

  1. KSCST, 2. Utthan 3. Great Bear Promotions.

On 14th August 2012, the Rainwater Harvesting Resource Center established at Jhalwa, Allahabad was handed over to Administrative officer of Utthan. The handing over letter was jointly signed by Principal Investigator Mr. A.R. Shivakumar of KSCST and Mr. R.K. Singh, Chief Administrative Officer, Utthan, Allahabad.

Support system and resource material:

The state of the art RWH Resource Center has been established at the campus of Utthan, in Allahabad for demonstration and training local people. Support system and resource material have been developed with the interaction from the local experts for effective dissemination.

Resource materials Developed in the project:

a)      RWH Guide

b)      Leaflets and Posters

c)      Dos and Don’ts of RWH

d)     FAQs on RWH

e)      General guidelines for RWH Typical Drawings and Estimates

f)       Display Boards for outdoor presentation in Hindi

Training Programme and Skill Developmential:

Two one day Training Programmes were conducted during August and October 2012. The Training Programmes were organized to build awareness on RWH among stakeholders. Around 60 participants were identified for each of the Training Programmes. The participants from Government Departments, Private Industries, NGOs etc. who can spread the message across the state of UP on Rainwater Harvesting and ground water recharge were invited. 

"Utthan Green Youth Club" was established during September 2012 with the following objectives:

Focus for prompting:


                Theme Park at Jhalwa, Allahabad

                "Water Conservation Practices

                Harvesting & Re-use and Recharge".


Click on this link to view detailed project report