Case Study of Dodda Gubbi Village Lake

Wetlands have an important role in the ecological balance of a state Karnataka has had a long history of utilization of wetlands, with some of the districts of the state having the highest concentration of tanks in the country. It is known that, until fairly recent times, a well- defined, functional, village-level system for maintenance of these tanks existed. However, of late, the wetlands have fallen into considerable neglect causing serious damage to the ecological balance.

Taking note of the need to investigate the damage suffered by wetlands, KSCST initiated a case stayed of Dodda Gubbi lake located in Gub bi Village, Hoskote taluk. The objective of the study was to estimate the amount of water impounded in earlier years in comparison to the prevailing condition of the lake; to analyse the prevailing land-use in the catchment area; and to indicate action necessary for preventing further damage to the lake. These studies would be useful for evolving a methodology for the study of wetlands. Mr. Zafar Futehally, Vice-President, World Wildlife Fund was nominated as Convener of the study group.