Principal Investigators


Shri H. Hemanth Kumar



Dr. U. T. Vijay

Project Cost and Agency


Rs. 303,00,000/-, WDD, GOK


KSCST has taken up the Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Documentation of IWMP programme implemented by Watershed Development Department (WDD) through a competitive bidding process and has been allotted Belgaum revenue division to support WDD as an independent external MEL&D agency for 5 years starting from 2011 to 2016 for Batch I and batch II projects. The Belgaum division has 69 projects covering treatable area of 2, 87,000ha spread over seven districts.

Salient Observations of the project:

  • Belgaum division has almost 30% of the total of 119 sub watersheds in the state; Belgaum district has the highest number of sub watersheds and Haveri has largest number of micro watersheds and beneficiary households.

  • The Jalanayana Melas, Jathas and Street plays have been successful in attracting the people in watershed areas to this program and sensitizing them towards the project's objectives.

  • The project has helped strengthen Self Help Groups (SHG) comprising of mostly women to a large extent;

    • Formation of SHGs is a highly successful initiative

    • SHGs in Haveri district have remarkably bank linkages of 94%; followed by Gadag and Bagalkot having a Bank linkage of around 65%.

    • Successful IGA ventures initiated in most districts.

    • Average Bank linkage is around 50% in Batch I projects and around 22% in Batch II projects.

    • Among SHGs 52% are landless, 32% are marginal farmers and 13% are small farmers.

  • The User Groups and further forming of JLGs do not seem to yield desired results.

  • The Executive Committees formed as a subcommittee of GP is implementing the program and this attempt is reasonably successful; however they need to be proactive and have a plan for its sustainability in the long run.

  • NGOs have consolidated the records, facilitated bank linkages and have handed over the records as per the exit protocol of the department. Most NGOs have done a good job.

  • Implementation of Soil and water conservation works; block plantation under Horticulture and Forestry sectors have started yielding results more so in Gadag, Haveri, Bagalkot and Uttara Kannada districts.

  • Activities carried out under live stock sector have helped the Farmers and Women SHG members in improving the quality of life.

  • Many innovative activities seen in Haveri district under horticulture; farmers are satisfied with the effort.

  • Awareness about the program and skill trainings still needs more attention.

  • Initiated MIS and GIS based monitoring. Need to consolidate the effort.

  • Only program to successfully integrate all sections of society and all farming related activities.

Progress upto November 2016.





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