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Department of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj, Government of Karnataka
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(SPP - 42nd SERIES : 2018 - 2019)





KSCST invites project proposals from the final year engineering students for sponsorship, under the 42nd series of Student Project Programme under Stream C :

Stream C : KSCST invites projects under any branch of the Engineering / Technology covering the following broad themes / categories.


Topics for B.E and M.Tech, Students

  • Process control and automation of biodiesel production system

  • Biodiesel from dairy scum/slaughter waste/poultry waste and standard protocol

  • Automation of small scale blending process

  • Biofuel cells for power generation

  • Application of GPS technology for mapping and monitoring of Pongamiapinnata trees in villages

  • Bio plastics from Glycerol

  • Value addition and application of by-product

  • Efficient and Economical Pongamia Seed harvester

  • Micro algae using photo bioreactor and waste water for biodiesel production

  • Design, Development and fabrication of decorticator / depulping for Neem and Simoruba seeds

  • SVO testing / applications



Topics for M.Sc., Students

  • Bioethanol from coffee pulp waste, agro waste, waste fruits pulp and sugar molasses

  • Morphological studies of biofuel species

  • Quality planting material production technology (including grafts)
    Germination for quality planting material / elite clones

  • New/noval/additional species to biofuel feed stock production

  • Protein marker assisted Genetic analysis of the variation among the traits of the native biofuel species for improved verities

  • Bio plastics from glycerol



Topics for M.B.A. Students

  • Seed collection, handling and logistics: Inbound supply chain of biofuel seeds

  • Economic feasibility of biofuel production using different seeds, scaling up of biofuel production and sensitivity analysis

  • Procurement, packing and warehousing for biodiesel and

  • Standard operating procedure for biodiesel production: seed quality parameters for procurement such as refraction (wastage), moisture, shelling percent, oil content, and recovery percent

  • Cost-Benefit analysis at different stages of operations like raw material procurement, processing, storage and distribution of Biodiesel and by-products

  • Financial analysis, capital on investment, operating cost, Interest on capital, depreciation, ROI, cash flow, funds flow etc., - project report

  • Marketing strategies, market trend analysis etc., in case of biofuels

  • Business Model for Biofuel Supply Chain

  • Successful case studies in Biofuel Supply Chain Management


The proposals needs to be of relevance to the Society / Industries / Institutions / Mankind and shall be a practical model that can be implemented.

Emphasis will be given to proposals drawn from the KSCST awarded projects pertaining to the last seven years clearly showing significant enhancement / Improvement as far as deliverables are concerned compared to selected proposals from the list.

The details of the Awarded projects are hosted in the KSCST - SPP Website - Stream A and Stream B Category.




Click here to download project proposal format for Stream C in MS Word for sending project proposal


Guidelines and Instructions for filling up the project proposal


After sending the filled project proposal to KSCST, it is mandatory to fill the google form about the project information by Project Team leader and submit without fail. (Note : Photocopy of the filled project proposal to be kept ready for filling the Google form)

The link for Google form is :



* ~ * ~ *

KSCST will not consider the proposals which fall in the following category.

  • Literature surveys / Data collection based, Compilation of Internet downloaded information.

  • Repetition of previous SPP Projects.

  • Non-scientific / Case study projects.

As done in the previous year, It has been decided to charge a fee of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One thousand only) towards processing fees. Hence, while applying, the project proposals have to be accompanied with a Demand Draft for Rs. 1000/- favouring "Secretary, KSCST". The Demand Drafts to be obtained from Canara Bank / State Bank of India only payable at Bengaluru.

The Project Proposals shall be prepared as per SPP proposal format. Applicants are requested to download the relevant word file of the SPP proposal and fill the same (Hand written proposals will not be accepted).

The hardcopy of the proposal along with Demand Draft have to be submitted to KSCST, in a sealed envelope super scribing "Project Proposal for 42nd series of Student Project Program - Biofuel Projects" addressed to The Secretary, Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Science campus, Bengaluru - 560 012.

The last date for receipt of Project Proposal is 18th January 2019.

KSCST sponsored project details and information from 1977-78 to 2014-2015 is available online in the KSCST website as "SPREAD Online". The abstract details and full version of 6 years reports are available. This also provides student information on completed projects and problems / gaps in technology to develop a project proposal, references and avoid duplication.

The Project proposals will be evaluated by a panel of experts for consideration for sponsorship by KSCST. The amount sponsored will be sent to the Principal by Cheque. The project guide shall take necessary steps to utilise this amount for the project work and submit the utilisation certificate and statement of expenditure through the Principal of the institution.

The Mid-term evaluation of the projects will be done at the identified nodal centres or on video conferencing mode. The students need to demonstrate their project when invited to do so. The selection of projects for Seminar and Exhibition will be based on such evaluation.

It is mandatory for the project team to exhibit / demonstrate their project in the nodal centre and in the seminar and exhibition (if selected). The final Seminar and Exhibition will be held during July / August 2019.

For information on Student Projects Programme (SPP) and for downloading the project proposal format and guidelines, please visit our website:


Students may send the "hardcopy of the project proposal" with due approval of the college to:

The Secretary

Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology

Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bengaluru - 560012


For details if any, you may contact

SPP Helpdesk : 080 - 23600978

Email: spp@kscst.iisc.ernet.in || biofuelcell.kscst@gmail.com











Last date for receipt of hardcopy of the project proposal as per the SPP proposal format

18th January 2019

Project approval by KSCST

March 2019

Evaluation of Projects at Nodal Centre and selection of projects for Seminar / Exhibition

May - June 2019

2 Pages synopsis and Final Project Report submission along with softcopy in a CD and by Email (spp@kscst.iisc.ernet.in)

20th June 2019

Seminar and Exhibition of selected projects

Last week of July 2019 or
1st Week of August 2019.





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