KSCST : Rural Industry projects

1) Groundnut Oil Extraction
  Most of the fat requirement of an ordinary Indian is met by edible oils, of which groundnut oil is one of the most popular items. Groundnut, production in India is ...
2) Winnover
  Winnowing is the process of separating grain from chaff. For this purpose, the customary practice is to make use of natural air currents, thus leaving ...
3) Utilization of Plant Waste for Maintenance of Paper on a Village Scale
  In most of the agro based rural industries if the organic wastes of the processes, like sugarcane bagasse in a jaggery unit or sisal bagasse in a sisal based unit ...
4) Sisal Industries Demonstration Unit
  Rural economies can be improved by introducing activities which generate local employment. While endeavouring to identify such activities, the State ...



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