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National Mathematics Day Celebrations


December 22 was designated as National Mathematics Day (NMD) by Government of India in 1987. Since then this day is celebrated throughout the country with great enthusiasm.

KSCST every year celebrates National Mathematics Day on 22nd December to commemorate the Birthday on Srinivasa Ramanujam.

Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology has taken many science popularization activities and of these activities National Mathematics Day celebrations is one of the major event.

For National Mathemtaics Day, Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology organizes programmes for Primary / High School students from Bangalore and Bangalore Rural District.

On the following objectives, KSCST organizes the National Mathematics Day activities in the State of Karnataka to :

  • To celebrate and appreciate the contribution of Mathematics Wizard Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujan

  • To inspire young children with life history of Ramanujan, to take up career in Mathematics

  • To eradicate phobia and fear against Mathematics among children and adults

  • To make Mathematics field as attractive career to young children

  • To produce top quality Mathematicians and make the country proud

  • To inspire Mathematicians to take up high end research in the field of Mathematics

  • To organize 25 technical lectures on Mathematics topics / issues including Engineering mathematics

  • To enthuse the High School teachers and College faculty in recent trends in Mathematics / Statistics.

S&T component in the project:

  • Popularization of the mathematics and allied subject contents.

  • Preparation of models, posters and puzzles during the workshop.

  • Building up confidence among teachers and students.

  • Highlighting different career opportunities in the field of Mathematics.

  • Maintain the class room culture and practices day to day aspects of mathematics.

  • To cultivate the ability to think and deal with problems those arise in the physical environment logically on the basis of facts.

  • Interaction with the experts and show case day to day actions in mathematics.


Report on National Mathematics Day Celebrations : 2016

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National Mathematics Day 2015

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Report on National Mathematics Day Celebrations : 2015

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