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Implementation of Virtual Laboratory (E-Learning Centre)
in Government High Schools
to improve the quality of education in the backward taluks of Karnataka


Principal Investigator


Dr. S.G.S. Swamy



Shri K. N. Venkatesh



Rs. 120 Lakhs

Funded by




Under the Special Development Programme (SDP) of Government of Karnataka, Department of Planning Karnataka Science and Technology Promotion Society (KSTePS), Department of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka (DST-GOK) and Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST), Bangalore are jointly implementing Virtual laboratories in 10 high schools as a pilot-study in the backward talukas of Karnataka.

The objectives of these laboratories are to improve the quality and effectiveness of education by collaborative learning and teaching process through IT gadgets. The students will learn science experiments, inculcate scientific attitude and spread the same with their neighbourhood.

KSCST had requested Director, DSERT and DDPI's of district to suggest the names of schools to implement the above project. Also, the Council had deputed project associates to visit these schools and collect the authenticated information. Based on the information provided by the school authorities and report by our staff the following schools were selected for implementation.

  • Government Pre-University College (High School section), Kokatnur, Athani (T),
    Belgaum (D)

  • Government Junior College (high school section), Madhugiri, Tumkur (D)

  • Government Junior College (high school section) Kudur, Magadi (T), Ramanagar (D)

  • Government Junior College (high school section), Harohalli, Kanakpura (T), Ramanagar (D)

  • Government Junior College for Girls (high school section), Channapatna,
    Channapatna (T), Ramanagara (D)

  • VCB High School, Gudadur, Sindhanur (T), Raichur (D)

  • Urdu Girls High School, Gurumitkal, Gurumitkal (T), Yadgir (D)

  • Government High School, Jahageer Gudadur, Kustagi (T), Koppal (D)

  • Government Girls High School, Kalghatgi, Dharwad (D)

  • Government High School, Adarsh Nagar, Gulbarga, Gulbarga (D)

The Council had constituted a Core Committee under the Chairmanship of Prof. S. Sadagopan, Director, IITB and it convened a meeting on 6th December 2013. The Core Committee constituted two subcommittees viz., Content Development Committee and Hardware Procurement Committee for selection of appropriate platform and contact. Prof. K. Siddappa, Fomer Vice Chancellor, Bangalore University and Shri T. Shankar, Department of Computer Science and Automation, IISc are the subcommittee chairman respectively.

The Content Development Committee has met on 13th January 2014 and reviewed the contents developed by various educational institutions. Few science teachers of Bangalore city were also invited to discuss the content of the new syllabus. The Council had arranged an interactive meeting with the representative from the selected schools on 21st January 2014 to discuss various modalities to be adopted for the project implementation.

The Hardware Procurement Committee met on 17th January 2014 at KSCST under the Chairmanship of Shri T. Shankar, Dept. of Computer Science & Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. During this meeting, the members discussed issues regarding providing IT services to remote places through standard IT Components readily available in the market. The Technical Hardware Procurement Committee, after rigorous evaluation and demonstration of all vendors have concluded that the vendor M/s Televital (India) Pvt. Ltd., to be considered for execution of the project.

KSCST is also interacting with the Commissioner of Public Instructions, Department of Education, Government of Karnataka and respective DDPI's for successful implementation of the programme at different locations.



Progress Upto March 2014

Progress Upto December 2014

Progress Upto March 2015

Progress Upto February 2016

Progress Upto November 2016



Virtual Laboratory (E-Learning) Centres




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