Computers in Administration: A Demonstration Project in the District of Gulbarga

KSCST had identified public administration as one of the important areas for introduction of computers as a means of improving the efficiency of administration and increasing data file handling. Accordingly, a project titled ' Computers in Administration' was initiated in 1980 with the primary objectives of :

1. Detailed analysis of the flow of information in the critical areas and identifying steps involved in the decision making process;

2. Identifying the appropriate areas where computers could be used as an aid to the decision making process;

3. Demonstration of the use of computers in these areas by actually installing and developing software for the purpose.

A preliminary study indicated that while enormous amount of data was available for processing the then existing decision making process did not make use of all the data. Microcomputers were making a headway, during that time, in the front end of information technology in Indian industries. Smaller machines with extremely large memory capacity and fast processing capabilities were becoming a reality. It was felt that this was the right time to evolve a strategy for the introduction of computers in Indian administration so that there would be a gradual and smooth transition from manual processing to EDP. Therefore the council initiated this project in collaboration with the office of Deputy Commissioner of Gulbarga district.