Popularization of Science

In order to popularize the achievements and methods of science, and thereby inculcate a scientific attitude in Karnataka, particularly among students and the rural populations, KSCST identified a project on 'Popularisation of Science' in 1977.

The objectives of the project were two-fold :

1. To produce a science magazine in Kannada catering to the age group of 10-15 years.

2. To co-ordinate the activities of the various voluntary agencies/organisations presently engaged in popularisation of science, with special emphasis on programmes geared to reach rural masses.

progress :

In pursuit of its objectives, the Working Group brought out in June 1978 a monthly science magazine in Kannada with high-school students as the target group. This magazine 'BALAVIJNANA' was distributed free to all the high-schools and village panchayats in the State for a specific period. Through the production of the magazine, KSCST has been successful in securing the willing and enthusiastic participation of individuals and organisations hailing from different regions of Karnataka. The magazine is being published with an editorial board of four members, having Prof. J. R. Lashmana Rao as Chief Editor.

After the successful fulfillment of one of the objectives of the project, namely, to produce a science magazine for high school children, the Working Group took up in 1980 the task of coordinating the activities of several organisations in the state actively involved in science popularisation. Towards this end, the Working Group suggested guidelines for the formation of Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishat with the objective among others of continuing the activities of the KSCST project on popularisation of science.