Project Investigators


Dr. M. Prithviraj



Dr. U. T. Vijay


The council had submitted the project proposal on 'Digital Geospatial Data Generation and Terrestrial Scanning for 3D Reconstruction of Heritage Site at Hampi' solicited by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India under Indian Digital Heritage (IDH) programme. Considering the council's vast experience and expertise in the application of Geospatial technologies for governance, Natural resources management and Infrastructure development, the DST-GOI had sanctioned to KSCST the implementation of the project on pilot basis initially for 6 months at a cost of Rs.20,000,00/- for understanding the technology and verifying its utility in the programme.


  • Development of Geo-spatial framework for the Hampi Heritage site

  • Development of digital geo-database of Hampi through high resolution terrestrial scanning of 3 monuments

  • 3 Dimensional rendering of 3 monuments of Hampi heritage site


The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India had awarded the project in the month of February2011.

The following activities have been carried out.

  • Creation of Digital data of Hampi heritage site on 1:1000 scale on Boundary, location of important monuments, roads, contours, spot heights etc along with DEM for part of core area surveyed by SOI

  • Spatial and Non spatial database on Villages, cadastral boundary, roads, LU/LC, Drainage, water bodies, infrastructure facilities etc has been created for Core area of Hampi heritage site

  • Laser scanning of 4 monuments has been completed - 1. Lakshmi Narasimha Statue 2. Stone Chariot, 3. Hajara Rama Temple and 4. Varaha Temple

  • GPS survey, Photography and Data collection of 56 world heritage monuments along with basic infrastructure facilities(Drinking water, Education, Health, Roads, Banks, Hotels, etc.) of Hampi heritage site has been completed.

  • Identified the location for mapping the buried monuments and water drainage systems of Royal enclosure using GPRS and initiated the process with DST, GOI and SOI.

  • Prepared the Completion Report on pilot project and submitted to DST, GOI

  • Proposal for scaled up project has been prepared for Rs.328.50 Lakhs and submitted to DST, GOI.

The findings of the pilot project and the scaled up project was presented to the Expert Committee which met at IIT-Chennai on 14/3/2012, under the Chairmanship of Prof. Ashok Jhunjunwala. The Committee appreciated the progress and timely completion of the pilot project after incorporating the suggestions of the Committee. The Committee strongly felt that the scanning has to be carried out by procuring the state of the art scanners and the Council should lead this project. It was also suggested that KSCST during the course of implementation of this project should also train research scholars of all the other technical projects in this technique and create a strong trained technical manpower.


Activities of upto February 2016

Activities of upto November 2016