House Numbering System for Bangalore City

Numbering of houses in the Bangalore city as carried out by the City Corporation in the 70's was found to suffer from a lot of deficiencies since it did not follow a common logic. Therefore it caused difficulty to the citizens of Bangalore, visitors to Bangalore and even utility service departments like the Water supply, Post & Telegraph in locating particular addresses.

A new system was designed after studying various numbering systems followed in many cities. As on off shoot to the work, preparation of maps of Bangalore city was undertaken. A detailed layout map as well as smaller maps of 1:10,000 scale were prepared and printed. These tasks were completed in 1979.

The numbering system divided the city into zones, each following a local coordinate system, broadly identifying the east-west and north-south roads. Each house was identified by a multi-digit number. The first two digits indicated the intersecting cross roads and the other digits referred to the physical location of the address. Buildings on one side of the road were numbered odd and even numbers were given to buildings on the opposite side.

Though finalized about 8 years ago, this system has not yet been implemented fully in the city of Bangalore. Meanwhile, the city had grown many times beyond its size after 1970s. With the increasing pressures of growth, the city planners may once again consider rationalizing the system of house numbering more seriously.

Based on aerial photographs, street maps have been prepared. The City Corporation and Bangalore Development Authority were involved in confirming the accuracy of the maps. The streets and localities were then indexed. This information was brought out in the form of a street atlas and index titled Bangalore A-Z.