Asthma Research

Asthma is a complex-disease and there is no one cause for it. Several causes, both endogenous as well as exogenous, are known to contribute to its incidence. Instances have been cited where people, who have never exhibited tendencies earlier, have had attacks of Asthma on coming to Bangalore. Furthermore, those who have had only mild attacks elsewhere experience severe ones here. It has been recorded that on leaving Bangalore, the severity of these attacks is nitrated and people obtain relief. It would, therefore, appear that there are factors special to Bangalore which conduce the onset of Asthma.

Environmental studies conducted in several countries have indicated that pollen and fungal spores are implicated. With a view to examining the role of these, a systematic investigation of the pollen and fungal spore content of the atmosphere in Bangalore has been undertaken from July 1976. The investigation is being carried out by Asthma Research Society of Bangalore with support funding from KSCST.