Wood Gas Generators and their use in Engines less than 10 HP

Development of technologies for use of renewable sources of energy for generation of motive power has acquired significant status in the current years especially in wake of the petroleum crisis. One of the forms of use of renewable energy sources is converting wood into woodgas by a process of controlled combustion. The woodgas so generated can be used to replace liquid fuels in internal combustion engines. There was a technology gas in the development of wood gasifiers for use in small engines.
The project spans two phases of which the design and fabrication of a wood gasifier was limited to phase I.
This wood gasifier generates about 3-6 litres/sec. of wood gas with typical composition of carbon monoxide (20%), hydrogen (20%), carbon dioxide (10%), and nitrogen (50%). This woodgas when fed into an internal combustion engine, replaces about 80% of diesel in a normal diesel engine and almost 100% of kerosene in a petrol started kerosene driven engine. The woodgasifier was fabricated and tested in a laboratory before taking it into the field. It was felt necessary that the system will have to be modified so that it could be made suitable for live rural applications. Hence phase II of the project was initiated with the following objectives :

1. Re-design the gas generator for easier handling under field conditions.

2. Fabrication, long duration testing and validation of the system.

3. Demonstration of the system at one or two field sites.

4. Consideration of choice of alternative fuels like compressed biomass, etc.