NPIC-Technical Backup Unit

Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology had initiated several projects in the development of fuel efficient wood burning stoves for domestic as well as commercial applications. The success of these projects prompted the Department of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Government of India, to request KSCST to set up a Technical Back Up Unit to provide technical support to their National Programme on improved Chulhas, in Karnataka. Since its inception the TBU has been active in the development of various designs of fuel efficient woodstoves for domestic as well as non-domestic uses.
The technical Back Up Unit carried out the following activities.

1. Research and Development:
a. Development of pottery liners of Astra Stoves
b. Standardization of design for a 2-pan Astra Stove
c. Development and testing of portable metallic stove (SWOSTHEE)
d. Development of pottery/ceramic based portable stoves

2. Field trials

3. Training programmes