Rural Energy Centres

In our efforts to disseminate appropriate energy technologies based on local energy sources, a project to set up a community bio-gas plant was initiated in Pura village, Kunigal taluk. Tumkur district in October 1979.
Under this project a rural energy center was set up at Pura with the following features :

1. The energy center has two biogas plants of 750 cft/day capacity.

2. The gas generated is used to run a dual fuel engine-genset of 7 HP .5 kVA rating running on diesel and biogas. About 75% of the diesel is replaced by biogas in this mode of operation.

3. The electricity thus generated is used to pump water to the village drinking water supply system and to provide electrical illumination for the houses.

4. The water supply system consists of a 3-phase, 3 HP, 1500 gallons/hr submersible pump, 1 2500 litres overhead tank and 9 taps located at convenient sites in the village, one of them being for livestock.

5. The lighting system consists of 97 fluorescent lamps of 20W each of illuminate the households and one fluorescent lamp of 40 W for the biogas plant area.