Demonstration of 100 kW Gasifier at Navodaya Vidyalaya

The team has designed, fabricated and tested successfully a woodgasifier and has reported a peak performance of 93% diesel replacement in diesel engines, with the average being around 80%. This gasifier uses wood chips to generate the wood gas.

During the dissemination programme, feed back was regularly collected which showed that while there are shortages of hard woody biomass, various other forms of biomass are available in rural areas. They are dried leaves, twigs, saw dust, coir pith, rice husk etc. Therefore it would be ideal to develop gasifiers which can make use of such biomass. There were two choices namely, briquetting these biomass and using them in the existing gasifier or develop a gasifier to use pulverised biomass. But considering the fact that the generation of uniform density briquettes, it is necessary to powder the biomass first, it was felt that an ideal strategy would be to develop gasifiers that can make use of powdery biomass. Hence the project was initiated with the objective of designing and developing gasifiers for powdery biomass.

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