The Urjagram Scheme has been conceived as a way of developing villages to a stage where most of the energy needs of the village are met by renewable sources. The emphasis is on maximising the use of locally available resources, preferably the renewable ones.

The first Urjagram in Karanataka was established at Bollapura village in Khurki Mandal Panchayat in Davangere taluk. The Urjagram was inaugurated on 2nd October 1989.

It was decided to split the Urjagram implementation into two phases. The first phase envisaged the introduction of Astra Oles in the village which till now was using traditional stoves. The midday meal scheme was revived where a community solar cooker and a large ole have been installed. A wood gasifier was given to a user in the village to demonstrate the concept. The Bollapura proper is an isolated settlement. It was felt that a TV set could be introduced in the village using solar and wind energy sources. A novel idea of feeding a centralized battery source through an integrated supply from a rutland 50 watt windcharger and solar photovoltaic panels has been attempted. The battery sources supplies electricity for the community TV and a street light. The TV is housed in the village temple cum community hall.