Development & Field Testing of New Building Technologies

Over the past decades, the following building technologies have been developed in projects supported by the KSCST.

1. A soil block press - ASTRAM.

2. Soil Stabilization methods.

3. Rice husk ash and red mud based cements.

4. Lime soil plasters for mud walls.

5. Prefabricated roofs using burnt clay tiles.

A few of these technologies have been field tested and the rest are being tested in the field. However research in areas like roofing for rural areas has been inadequate. To tackle these issues a new phase of the project on development and field testing of new building technologies was started with Prof. K. S. Jagadish of Indian Institute of Science as the Convener. Initially an improved version of the soil block press with compaction higher by 50% over the earlier model was developed. Production of high grade pozzolana using rice husk and clay was started in Ungra to produce 5 to 6 bags per day. The quality of the product was found to be satisfactory.