A Study of Soil in and around Hassan for Lime Stabilized Brick Making

Five different soils from Tannerhalla, Hassan Polytechnic, Bettadpura, Holenarasipura and MCE Campus, Hassan have been analysed. The tests conducted are for the Atterberg limits, grain size analysis and swell test. Detailed compaction tests were carried out to find the reactions of these soils to various compositions of lime. 16 cubes were casted with compositions of 5 %, 10% and 15% lime, for a mixing period of 1/2 hours, 1 hour and 2 hours; and were tested after 7 days, 28 days and 90 days of curing. The standard proctor compact test gave the following results.

The results indicate that as the percentage of lime increases the optimum moisture content increases while the maximum dry density decreases.

Mixing of lime beyond 1/2 hour does not have an appreciable effect on the increase of dry density. The crushing strength increases with the number of days of curing, of both wet strength and fan dried strength. With the increase in percentage of lime from 5 to 10%, the corresponding crushing strength is much higher, varying from 2 to 6 times that for the 5% lime composition. However, the crushing strength, obtained for these soils are on the lower side, because the percentage of clay in these soils is only 1%.