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Department of Information Technology,
Biotechnology and Science & Technology,
Government of Karnataka



Recipients of State Awards for
Scientists and Engineers


State Awards for Scientists and Engineers
for the Years 2015 and 2016

(Sir M Visvesvaraya, Dr. Raja Ramanna, Sir C V Raman, Prof. Satish Dhawan,
Dr. Kalpana Chawla State Scientists and Engineers Awards
for the years 2015 and 2016)

















Sir M. Visvesvaraya Award - List of Recipients

Dr. B.P. Radhakrishna
Prof. R.N. Iyengar

Dr. R. Martanda Varma
Prof. K. Ramachandra

Dr. K.N. Raju

Prof. A.R. Vasudeva Murthy
Prof. Suryan G.

Dr. Arcot Ramachandran

Dr. H. Narasimhaiah
Dr. K. Venkatachala lyengar

Prof. H N Ramachandra Rao

Prof. Hombe Gowda Sharat Chandra

Prof. Amulya K N Reddy
Prof. B V Sreekantan

Prof. Narasimhaiengar Mukunda
Prof. R Dwarakinath
Dr. Vinay L Deshpande



Sir C.V. Raman Award - List of Recipients

Dr. M.G. Chandrasekhar, ISRO for Space Science
Dr. R. Uma Shankar, UAS, Bangalore for Life Science
Dr. M.A. Sridhar, Mysore University for Physical Science
Dr. M.C.S. Ramachandra Shastry, TIFR for Chemical Science
Dr. M.S.Phanikumar, NAL for Earth & Computer Science
Dr. Veena Thimmaiah, UAS, Bangalore for Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
Dr. K.S. Jagadeesh, SJCE, Mysore for Engineering Science
Dr. K. Guruprasad, IISc for Mathematical Science

Dr. V.K. Agarwal, ISRO for Space Science
Dr. Lalitha R Gowda, CFTRI, Mysore for Life Science
Dr. K. Rangaiah, IIA for Physical Science
Dr. Mohan Delampady, ISI for Mathematical Science
Dr.P.H.Ramanjini Gowda, UAS, Bangalore for Agricultural Science
Mr. S. Mohan Kumar, MCE, Hassan for Engineering Science
Dr. P. Satischandra, NIMHANS for Medical Science

Dr.H. Shivananda Murthy, Fisheries College, Mangalore for Life Science
Dr.B.N. Gangadhar, NIHMANS for Medical Science
Dr.Shailaja Hittalamani, UAS, Bangalore for Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
Dr.K. Byrappa, Mysore Univ., for Physical Science
Dr.R. Shankar, Mangalore Univ., for Earth Science
Dr.S. Yashonath, IISc., for Chemical Science
Dr.D. Bhattacharya & Dr.A.A. Deshpande, RRI for Space Science
Dr.Y. Narahari, IISc & Mr. M.D.R. Prasad, NAL for Computer Science
Dr.A.K. Sharma & Mr. Shyam Chetty, NAL for Engineering Science


Dr. Joseph Samuel, RRI for Physical Science
Dr. G.U. Kulkarni, JNNC for Chemical Science
Dr. Siddaramaiah, SJCE, Mysore for Chemical Technology
Dr. D. Narasimha Rao, IISc for Life Science
Dr. G.R. Kanthraj, VIMS, Bellary for Medical Science
Mr. Sanjay Burman, DRDO for Communication Engineering
Dr. P.S. Sastry, IISc for Computer Science
Mr. B.S. Chandrasekhar, ISRO for Computer Technology
Prof. C.S. Manohar, IISc for Civil Engineering
Dr. M. Jayananda, Bangalore University for Geology
Dr. Sheela K Ramasesha, NAL for Material Science
Prof. Jaywant H Arakeri, IISc for Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Rakesh Mohan Jha, NAL for Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Basavaraj M Khadi, ARS, Dharwad for Agricultural Science


Dr. R.Ramachandra Rao, NAL for Aerospace Science
Dr. R.K.Somashekar, Bangalore Univ., for Life Science
Dr. Mahantappa.S.Jogad, SBC, Gulbarga for Physical Science
Dr. P.Nagaraja and Dr. Hemmige S.Yathirajan, Mysore Univ., for Chemical Science
Dr. Ravi Shankar Nanjundiah, IISc for Earth Science
Dr. Basavaraj V.Patil, RRS, Raichur for Agriculture Science
Dr. V.Ravi, NIHMANS for Medical Science
Dr. V. T. Ranganathan, IISc for Engineering Science
Dr. V. Vinay, IISc, for Computer Science
Dr. A. S. Vasudeva Murthy, TIFR for Mathematics


Dr. G.C.Anupama, IIA for Space Science
Dr. K S Jagannatha Rao, CFTRI, Mysore for Life Science
Dr. N. Suryaprakash, IISc for Physical Science
Dr. V.V.Suresh Babu, Bangalore Univ., for Chemical Science
Dr. B.R.Manjunatha, Mangalore Univ., for Earth Science
Dr. Mahadev B Chetti, UAS, Dharwad for Agriculture Science
Dr. C.N.Manjunath, JIC for Medical Science
Dr. K.Narayan Prabhu, KERC, Suratkal for Engineering Science
Dr. Jayant Ramaswamy, Haritsa, IISc for Computer Science
Dr. Basudeb Datta, IISc for Mathematics


Dr. Chennu Ranganayakulu, ADA, Bangalore for Aerospace Science
Dr. Ram Rajasekharan, IISc, Bangalore for Life Science
Dr. Manjunatha Pattabi, Mangalore University for Physical Science
Dr. Kallappa M Hosamani, Karnataka University for Chemical Science
Dr. Sridevi Jade, CMMACS, Bangalore for Earth Science
Dr. Digambareppa Pandappa Biradar, RARS, Bijapur for Agriculture Science
Dr. Shripad A Patil, NIHMANS, Bangalore for Medical Science
Dr. Jayanth M Modak, IISc, Bangalore for Engineering Science
Prof. T.G.Sitharam, IISc, Bangalore for Engineering Science
Dr. Subrata Kumar Datta, DRDO, Bangalore for Computer & Electronics Engineering
Dr. Pradeep G. Siddheshwar, Bangalore University for Mathematics

Dr. S.Seetha, ISRO, Bangalore for Physical Science
Dr. S Umapathy, IISc, Bangalore for Chemical Science
Dr. Anura Vishwanath Kurpad, St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore for Medical Science
Dr.Usha Vijayaraghavan, IISc, Bangalore for Life Science
Dr. A.K.Nandakumaran, IISc, Bangalore for Mathematics

Prof. Satish Dhawan Young Engineers Award - List of Recipients

Dr. S.Gopalakrishnan, IISc, Bangalore for Aerospace Science
Dr. P.P.Mujumdar, IISc, Bangalore for Engineering Science
Dr. K G Ashamanjari, Mysore University for Earth Science
Dr. Matthew T Jacob, IISc, Bangalore for Computer & Electronic Engineering

Dr. Kalpana Chawla
Young Women Scientist Award - List of Recipient

Dr. Bharathi P.Salimath, Mysore University for Bio-technology




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