Development, Demonstration & Diffusion of Prawn Culture Technology

Fishing is one of the major economic activities in the coastal district of Uttara Kannada. Amongst all the fishing activities, prawn fishing takes the pride of place as it has a lucrative export market. Consequently prawn fishing in open sea waters has developed over the years to such an extent that problems of overfishing have now begun to crop up. On the contrary, prawn culture in brackishwater areas of the district is hardly practised. The reasons for under utilization of the brackishwater areas are (a) inadequate development of intensive culture technology and poor adaptation to the local conditions of the district, (b) Non-availability in large numbers of commercially important prawn seedling and (c) the socio-economic conditions of the farmers and sheer ignorance of available intensive culture technology. The land holding in the brackishwater area is small and fragmented whereas, traditional culture practices require large water areas. The solution therefore lies in the large scale production of prawn seeds under controlled conditions and rearing of desired species. Though the basic know how for intensive prawn culture is available, no attempt has been made to evolve a locale specific optimal technology package that can easily be used by farmers.